Music K-12 Education Endorsement:
 William Penn University has a long, honored history of being a teaching college with high educational standards. We acknowledge the importance of education, and provide education students with techniques to enhance a positive learning environment for education seekers. The ability to teach goes hand in hand with the ability to lead. With hours of hands-on experience and many student teaching opportunities, WPU students are well-prepared to teach when they graduate.
BA (Bachelor of Arts) Music:

The Bachelor’s degree in Music program is designed for the student who wishes to expand their pedagogical knowledge of not only their chosen instrument or voice, but of music theory, aural skills, and historical foundations. After completion of the degree program, the student will be prepared to enter graduate studies, or teach in public education, if they choose the music education certification curriculum. Based on the core belief that the successful musician is a person with a variety of musical talents, students are expected to take advantage of all musical opportunities presented. Ensemble participation is an integral component of the university experience and performance opportunities, both on and off campus, offer the performer the vehicle to showcase talents.

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Communication - Fine Arts emphasis


The FineArts emphasis encourages students to refine their artistic sensibilities through drawing, painting, ceramics, vocal and instrumental music, and dramatic arts. Practice, performance, and critical valuation are central to the artist, and the Fine Arts emphasis gives ample opportunities for students to develop, pursue, and perform their vision of the human condition.

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